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Why SpeechWrite?


Our Transcription process is designed to achieve a 99% accuracy. Our clients work get reviewed within 3hrs - 72hrs.


We as SPEECHWRITE provide a 24hrs customer service to all our clients via all our social media platforms and call centers.


We have multi-level security with authorization, authentication and encryption standards.


Just like any other business, we charge a simple registration fee to work with us, pricing varies depending on the package selected i.e Beginner, Intermidiate and Advanced

N/B No monthly charges or hidden fees.


We are available 24hrs a day across all our social media platforms and call centers, our admin reply typically within minutes.


There are plenty of opportunities to advance into roles that afford higher pay and greater responsibility.


What Current Customers Have To Say About SpeechWrite Transcription Services

I love the transparency and simplicity of the way SPEECHWRITE TECH works, i haven't had a single issue with anything, and i've always felt that i am in safe hands, whenever i have any issues. This is indeed the best platform to make money as a writer


I wouldn't have made it without speechwrite tech, its been an aid for me in this hard time by providing me the best opportunity to make money online through transcription, big up to speechwrite team.


I was introduced to this platform by a friend, its been amazing, speechwrite tech is just a place to Be



Despite me being in a rural area where such opportunities are rare, I have managed to build my new home just working online through speechwrite tech. They have best customer care service that can help you anytime any day


We Provide Transcription Services Across Many Industries

Legal Transcription


Law Enforcement & Police Transcription

Helping police officers spend more time in the field

Protective Services Transcription

Less time documenting – more time with families

Business Transcription

Free up valuable time to do anything and everything more important

French Translation & Transcription

Verbatim interview translation to English

Private Investigation Transcription

Evidence, reports, and conversations safely transcribed

Insurance Claims Transcription

Increase your throughput with more daytime

Financial Transcription

Quick turnaround for wealth management notes and Earning Calls transcripts

SpeechWrite Tech


To provide the best brand with the greatest appeal, fascinating customer-relevant innovations and financial breakthrough for our team


At Speechwite transcription services, we are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional product at affordable prices in a 24-hour turnaround time. We will remain flexible to customize our services to suit individual patient practices and continue to place our primary focus on quality.


We SPEECHWRITE saw an opportunity to venture in a business that would make it easy for companies and institutions transcribe audios in the fastest way possible, we have managed to connect our clients with freelancers countrywide, And by this we are hoping to create more job opportunities in Kenya by targeting at least 100,000 freelancers who will work with us.


1.Respect: We recognize that the thoughts feelings, and backgrounds of others are as important as our own.

2.Integrity: We are honest, ethical and trustworthy

3.Accountability: We accept full responsibility for our decisions, actions and results