Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

Job Requirements

Fluent in english with good grammer

Should be able to able to understand various accents and dialects

Should be able to type atleast 40 word per minute

Must have a computer/laptop or smartphone

What types of jobs are available

Transcription/writting/captioning/translation jobs and reviews

Foreign language transcription(french)

How do i download audio/video

From the dashboard menu bar click at the top and select Task/Job

How do i submit

From the dashboard menu bar click at the task, then look for submit button, click upload file, select your already transcribed document i your phone files the upload, after that click submit task, then refresh your account.

What happens if i don't submit my task on time

The assigned task will be allocated to other workers and you wont earn.To avoid this always submit your assignments before dute date/time.

When will my task be reviewed

Typically within 3 - 72 hours incase of any delay contact us on email.

How do i return a file i clicked by mistake

Contact us on email within 2 hrs from the time you selected the task

How will i be paid

all jobs are priced per audio min

The price varries depending on individual ranks i.e
Beginner: 100ksh per audio min.
Intermidiate: 150 ksh per audio min.
Advanced: 200 ksh per audio min

When do i get paid

clients are paid every sunday

How do i get paid

all payments will be made via mpesa , airtel money.

What should i do if i suspect a scam

Our company reputation system is designed to weed out scammers very quickly.But the community and team of workers is a powerful last line of defence. Be on the look out for possible fraudlent activity including
Anyone selling spechwrite account. Its illegal to sell speechwrite account to other members or companies.
Beware of frauders who pose to be our employees. we won't be responsible to clients who get scammed by sending money to people who pretend to be us.
All speechwrite payments are made via paybill number.You should report suspected fraudelent behaviour to speechwrite@gmail.com right away so we can promptly evaluate and take appropriate action


If you can't find an answer to your question above,Kindly contact us via WhatsApp or call 0101006697 .We have staff available 24/7 to assist you.